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Any mix of #000 - #7 kraft or poly bubble mailers.
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Corrugated Boxes & Pads

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Cardboard Boxes & Corrugated Packing Supplies

Shipping can be a nightmare for any small business. Each of the major US carriers, including the post office, sells their own line of packaging supplies, but none of them requires shippers to use their materials. Packaging merchandise to reach the customer intact is a matter involves a little thought about the load and a great deal of creative problem-solving. Often the best option is to purchase corrugated catons from third party sources. This allows vendors to use shipping containers especially well suited to the products in question.

The right box for the right contents is the key to successful and economical shipping. Corrugated boxes come in configurations that can accommodate almost anything that might need to be shipped. Very heavy products, for instance, should be shipped in heavy duty containers, and hazardous materials can only be shipped in boxes designed for the purpose. Some carriers recommend double boxing some heavier items.

Beyond this, shipping containers be almost anything a business cares to make them. Their color can vary from standard white or brown, or they can be custom printed for a particular business. They can load from the top or the side. They may be of adjustable height, or for narrow boxes or tubes, they can be constructed so as to telescope. Specialty containers are available to cushion fragile materials or to provide extra support for bulk cargo. Extra bits of cardboard known as shipping pads can be inserted into a box to make sure the cargo fits snugly, or packing peanuts or shredded paper can be used.

Some of the more esoteric packing materials may not be available in local communities, but all can be ordered from well-equipped Internet vendors., for instance, has everything from bulk boxes to packaging for hazardous materials to reinforced boxes for fragile items. They even have moving boxes and file storage boxes. To get the right container for the job, order your boxes from
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