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Discount Shipping Supplies including boxes, bubble wrap, bubble mailers, tape, bags, packing peanuts and much more!

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Any mix of #000 - #7 kraft or poly bubble mailers.
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Loose Fill Peanut Dispensers

Easy to use!  Just squeeze the spring-loaded scissors to release the right amount of peanuts. 

Loose Fill Peanut Dispenser

  • Includes a rope and 2 pulleys.
  • Mounts securely to the ceiling.
  • Heavy-duty woven polyethylene bag has reinforced flexible fubing attached.
  • Dispenses all types of loose fill.

Products (Total Items: 6)

Loose Fill Peanut Dispenser 15 Cu. Ft. $192.00
Loose Fill Peanut Dispenser 30 Cu. Ft. $188.00
Loose Fill Peanut Dispenser 45 Cu. Ft. $218.00
Loose Fill Peanut Dispenser 60 Cu. Ft. $254.00
Loose Fill Peanut Dispenser 90 Cu. Ft. $300.00
Loose Fill Peanut Dispenser 140 Cu. Ft. $326.00

Packing Peanut Dispensers & Shipping Popcorn Fillers

Foam peanuts are one of the cheapest and easiest solutions for packaging your products for shipping. They provide a protective nest for just about any item, reducing the risk of breakage and cracking during transit. However, foam peanuts can be a pain to deal with since they get everywhere. You can make handling the foam peanuts a bit easier with this loose fill foam peanut dispenser. Itís like a funnel that directs the foam peanuts directly into the box where you want them. You get the peanuts only where you want them and not all over your shipping warehouse floor. The dispenser mounts to the ceiling, and you can adjust it so that it is at the perfect height for filling your boxes. Youíll create a conveyer system that makes packaging and shipping a breeze. Saving time on your shipping process will also save you money, helping your bottom line.