17 x 10 x 8-1/4'' Insulated Shipping Coolers 2ct
4x4x36" Boxes 25ct

17 x 10 x 8-1/4'' Insulated Shipping Coolers 2ct

Part Number: w.2-245C

17 x 10 x 8-1/4" Insulated Shipping Containers 2ct

Maintains the insulation and integrity of your product! Meets all shipping requirements of UPS, FedEX, USPS and others.


  • Ideal for products that present unique shipping difficulties due to temperature constraints
  • Shippers are light-weight, reusable and recyclable
  • Thick molded foam container protects contents from crushing and breakage.
  • Cartons are printed with "Rush, Perishable and This Side Up" shipping instructions
  • Shippers include seamless molded EPS foam body with tight-fitting lid and 200# white corrugated carton
  • Wall thickness is 1-1/2"
  • Inside dimensions of 17 x 10 x 8-1/4"
  • Outside dimensions of 20 x 13 x 11-1/4"
  • Each weigh approximately 2.7 pounds
  • Total of 2 insulated shipping kits