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Bubble Wrap Article

E Supply Store – Bubble Wrap


Bubble wrap has become one of the most widely used forms of packaging, both because of its effectiveness in shock-proofing, and because it is so cheap. You will find many fragile products and electronic consumer goods encased in bubble wrap packaging, and now there are even some excellent quality envelope mailers and bubble wrap bags on the market for shipping purposes. You will be delighted with the wide selection of bubble wrap protective products we have available at E Supply Store.com, which are vast enough to cater for every possible requirement, either for storage or for shipping. Businesses that regularly send documents and products to customers or online stores that regularly use courier companies can invest in some superb bubble wrap mailers, bubble wrap bags, or even rolls of bubble wrap, all at great value for money.

Bubble wrap is a pliable plastic film manufactured with small bubbles or air at intervals, which provide products with a unique cushioning protection layer. It has been on the market for decades after being designed by two US engineers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. Since the initial designs, bubble wrap is now manufactured in many different options of sized bubbles (air hemispheres), and different thicknesses and widths that can be used for protective layering of any types of products. Today, you can even buy bubble wrap in anti-static options, which are designed for sensitive electronic components and electronic products. E Supply Store offers you the widest selection in different thicknesses, widths and sizes in our bubble wrap category.

Bubble wrap is ideal for shipping because it will protect the products from shock, while keeping them firmly secure in any type of enclosure, from cardboard cartons to envelopes in different sizes. No doubt, you have also seen children amuse themselves by popping bubble wrap because it makes an audible pop when pressed firmly. For packaging purposes, bubble wrap is perfect because it is very strong, while being pliable enough to provide a protective layer on even the most awkward shaped products. Bubble wrap is now used all over the world after originating in the United States, and as mentioned previously, it is inexpensive as well.

You can order the quantities of bubble wrap you need in rolls, or by choosing the categories that suit you in specific products of this nature. Bubble wrap envelopes are used for small products, and there is even a variety of self-sealing bubble wrap bags, which are great to safely store items. When people are moving, bubble wrap will be used to pack fragile glassware, and crockery because it provides an effective cushioning against shock, even during rough handling. E Supply Store.com is pleased to fulfill all the packaging needs for businesses and shipping agents at great value for money. Bookmark our website today at www.esupplystore.com, and find the right type of packing for specific products, or general packaging requirements like bubble wrap rolls at the lowest prices online!

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