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Tape Gun Instructions


Position the tapegun so that the black roller, cutting teeth and lower metal guide are to your left. Place the tape roll on the dispenser, positioning it so that as tape is peeled off the roll it turns the roll counter-clockwise. Now thread the tape between the black roller and the metal guide, insuring that the adhesive side of the tape is facing the lower metal guide and NOT facing the black roller. After a few uses, static will build up and keep the non-adhesive side of the tape against the black roller.


Press the exposed adhesive side of the tape against the package you are taping. With some of the tape adhered to the package, pull back on the tapegun and run the tape across the package, using the black roller to press the tape against the package as it comes out. When you have reached the desired length, tilt the tapegun so that the clear plastic lip at the top of the gun is pressed against the package. By pressing the clear lip against the package, the metal teeth will press against the backside of the tape. Push the tapegun down, while having the gun still tilted, allowing the metal teeth to cut the tape. This takes a little practice at first, but becomes very simple when you learn the motions.


When pulling the tape across a package, you'll notice a resistance by the tape gun. This can be adjusted by turning the small dial located in the center of the roll holder. Turning this clockwise will tighten the resistance and turning it counter-clockwise will lessen the resistance.

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