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Tensilized Strapping Tape

Tensilized Poly Strapping Tape

  • Use black tensilized polypropylene strapping tape for basic unitizing or bundling. Formulated to provide good adhesion to metals, plastic, fibreboard and painted surfaces.

  • Use blue tensilized polypropylene strapping tape for bonding to plastic surfaces where a clean removal without residue is needed.

  • Products are available in two different case sizes for both large and smaller customers.

When it comes to shipping large quantities of products, having them properly packed in boxes won’t suffice - it may also be important to group the boxes and keep them together. Among the different types of supplies that are used for bundling and unitizing, strapping tape is one of the most convenient and cleanest to use.

We offer you two types of tensilized poly strapping tape that conveniently come in two different colors – black and blue. The black tape is best used for bundling and unitizing, and it bonds well with materials ranging from metal and plastic to fibreboard. The blue tape is best used for bundling plastic things, especially when it’s important for the tape to be removed without leaving any traces. We also have them in two different case sizes, for both large customers and customers that need smaller quantities.

At eSuppleStore.com, we have developed a business philosophy that benefits both ourselves and our customers – high quality for low prices in the most convenient way. Try us out right now – you can order our products at any time from our online store.

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