Today, we are continuing our educational (and, you have to admit, a little bit entertaining) series looking into some alternative, non-shipping uses for our favorite packaging material - bubble wrap.

We've written here about several uses for bubble wrap outside of packaging, simply because there is so much around that may otherwise be filling up landfills instead of beinng re-used or recycled. We discussed how bubble wrap can be used as padding under a sleeping bag while camping and how it can be used to keep purses from sagging and to help protect a wall from a doorknob.

Today, we'll give you a twofer having to do with seasonal uses for bubble wrap. Many of us understand that not only does bubble wrap serve as a good buffer as a packing material, but it also has insulating properties, and in effect, these two uses we're mentioning today serve as insulation.

First, check out your windows of your house. In the wintertime, do they sometimes feel drafty? Here's a tip to insulate your house and perhaps lower yoru heating bill: Spray some water on the windows and stick bubble wrap on on the, flat side facing you. The bubble wrap covers the drafts and can still provide you natural light while maintaining a level of privacy.

The second tip has to do with your car. Most of us hate getting snow and frost off our windshields in the winter, right? Well here's a handy use for bubble wrap - put bubble wrap over your windshield after you park it for the night. The insulating qualities of the bubble wrap will protect the windshield and keep frost from forming, and of course it serves as a barrier to protect from the snow so that when you peel off the bubble wrap in the morning, all the accumulated snow peels off with it. Suddenly your morning routine to get ready for work or school is now 10 or more minutes shorter!

Do you have an alternative use for bubble wrap you'd like to share? Let us know - we're always open to new ideas!