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Supply Storage Efficiency Tips

Posted by E-Supply Store on 8/27/2014 to Tips & Advice
In any manufacturing and shipping operation where a combination of humans and machines produce a product and then send that product either to a distribution center or directly to the customer, streamlining efficiency is always a great way to shore up a bottom line.

Innovative Ways Of Using Bubble Wraps For Your Home

Posted by eSupply Team on 7/8/2014 to Tips & Advice
Bubble wraps can be used to line the windows of your homes to keep the heat trapped inside. This will warm up the house nicely when temperatures are cold and will also considerably reduce your energy bill. By using bubble wraps, you can ensure that your home receives enough natural light while also capturing and retaining the heat effectively.

Don't Bag Bubble Wrap Until You Read This Nifty Trick

Posted by eSupplyStore on 6/24/2014 to Tips & Advice
Lately, we have had a little fun here at esupplystore.com finding and providing some handy little domestic uses for that bubble wrap we all receive in packages from time to time. We've provided a couple of other handy-dandy ideas in prior posts, and we are continuing the series today.

Bubbling Over with Bubble Wrap Ideas

Posted by eSupplyStore on 6/3/2014 to Tips & Advice
Bubbling Over with Bubble Wrap Ideas
Bubble wrap can be a real treasure, if you know how to think of it. For some it has been an annoyance. For others, it has been a great form of entertainment (who doesn't love spending minutes or hours on end popping every single bubble?) once it's done its job protecting an item in a package.

Cost Cutting Tips for Small Businesses

Posted by Esupply on 5/30/2014 to Tips & Advice
Running a small business is tough. It’s a competitive world out there and small business owners must do what they can in order to stay in the black. A large part of keeping out of the red is cutting costs and keeping them down, down, down.

Some Solid Advice About Shipping

Posted by Esupply on 5/14/2014 to Shipping
At some point or another, we all have to ship something across the country or across the world. Maybe it's a care package for a college student or a soldier; maybe it's a package of Christmas gifts to the family members that we won't get to see this year; maybe it's the family fruitcake and it's your turn to ship it this year.

Mailers, an explanation

Posted by Esupply on 4/15/2014 to Tips & Advice
Every item has a different need when it is sent into the mail system. If you're sending a fragile item in a non-padded, thin envelope, then chances are you are going to have a broken item arriving .

White End-Loading Locking Mailers

Posted by Mike on 4/1/2014 to Shipping
Presentation is one of the most important factors in business. Whether you are going to a board meeting or sending off a package, a client or customer will judge a business off of how they present themselves to the public. Regardless to the type of business you run, how you are perceived can be a make or break how successful your company can be moving forward.

New Uses for Everyday Packing Materials

Posted by Bryan on 2/11/2014 to Tips & Advice
When ordering packing supplies online, it can be difficult to know exactly how much of each material you need. You want to make sure you have enough boxes and bubble wrap to get the job done, but you do not want to be wasteful either. Buying packing supplies becomes much easier when you consider all the creative and useful ways that leftover packing materials can be reused, however.

Choosing the Right Labels and Tags To Suit Your Needs

Posted by Mike on 12/27/2013 to Tips & Advice
Choosing the right labels and shipping tags helps establish the brand identity of your company. If you choose effective and high-quality packaging, your customers feel your company cares about every part of its products. Learn how to select the right labels and tags that work for your company while saving you money in the long run.
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