Mail delivery personnel move thousands of packages every day, and none think that your package full of wrapped gifts is special. Instead of relying on luck, take the extra time to package your presents so they arrive looking festive without any rips or tears. Bubble wrap and foam-based materials are a favorite of professional shippers for the cushioning they provide. They also prevent tears in wrapping paper. Unlike newspaper, which can leave ink smudges on your careful wrapping job, bubble wrap is safe for nearly all surfaces. 

For fragile items, bubble wrap not only protects your beautiful wrapping job, it also absorbs the shock of being bumped or dropped. Because it is pliable, bubble wrap is ideal for irregularly shaped items. Choose small bubbles for small or finely textured items, such as figurines or carved surfaces. For larger items or objects with protruding shapes, choose medium to large bubbles, which provide more bulk and cushion for things like wine glasses or sculptures. For electronics, choose anti-static bubble wrap that doesn't create static electricity, which can damage fragile electrical components. 

Large rolls of bubble wrap often come perforated, letting you save time by tearing off sections. If your gifts are less fragile, wrap your presents in polypropylene foam instead. The foam protects against scratches and tears to your wrapping paper, so your gifts arrive looking perfect. Typically, thinner foam offers adequate protection for wrapping paper, though thicker foam provides more cushion for breakables. Bubble wrap and foam envelopes are a good alternative for small- to medium-sized objects. No taping is required. Simply place your wrapped gift inside the bag, or select self-sealing bags for extra security. 

After investing the time to wrap your presents with love and care, take one last step to ensure that your gifts arrive at their destination looking just as beautiful. Large rolls with perforated sections or self-sealing bags streamline the packaging process. If you have many gifts to mail, stock up on your supplies before you begin packing. Buying in bulk saves you money in the long run and keeps you prepared for months or years to come.