“FRAGILE! It must be Italian!” Do you remember that hysterical moment in A Christmas Story, when the dad is so swept up at winning a prize that he believes a simple fragile stamp on a box is in another language?  Small online retailers often feel like they’re writing foreign language on package after package, insurance slip after insurance slip, when their business starts taking off.

To save you from carpal-tunnel syndrome, or just bad handwriting, there are online shipping and packaging retailers that offer great self-inking stampers to slap your own “FRAGILE” on every delicate item, or make sure the Post Office charges only media rate on all your music CD sales, without spending hours hand-writing it.  Sites like www.eSupplyStore.com have a wide variety of stamps available. The stamps are pre-inked, good for thousands of uses, and turn a tedious task into mere seconds!

If you need “DO NOT BEND” stamps, or are shipping any type of item from foodstuffs to CDs, www.eSupplyStore.com offers a full range of packaging to suit every small entrepreneur’s or large warehouse’s needs. For instance, the “DO NOT BEND” stamp runs just $13.00 and is shipped free, but you could ensure the sleekness of that Superman comic you just sold with an 8 ½” x 11” Chipboard Backing Pad for a few pennies. If it’s “FRAGILE,” you can buy static free packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Spending a few extra cents on your shipped orders may seem like it would cut too much into your profit, but doesn't the customer receiving damaged goods, and telling the world on Ebay or Yelp! all about it, cost your business so much more?

Even better, when you find your stamper is finally fading, you don’t need to buy a new one; www.eSupplyStore.com also sells re-inking pads in red or black for just $6.00 and they also ship free!