Presentation is one of the most important factors in business. Whether you are going to a board meeting or sending off a package, a client or customer will judge a business off of how they present themselves to the public. Regardless to the type of business you run, how you are perceived can be a make or break how successful your company can be moving forward.


With this in mind we recommend that when you are shipping any items to anywhere in the world that you use our white end-loading locking mailers. These tough and durable boxes are held together through interlocking tabs, stopping the need to use tape to hold the box together, and making the presentation of the package appear to be more professional.


We interpret our world through sight, touch, and sound.


Seeing a clean surface always gives us the impression that we were here first. The sensation of being first, or to be the most important, is one of the driving forces in human nature. Giving a customer this feeling is one of the most important things you can do; and having an unmarred box delivered to them shows confidence in your choice of packaging and gives them a feeling of importance. This feeling will fuel their loyalty toward your products, and it is as simple as using the end-loading locking mailers.


Feeling a nicely crafted item always gives the holder a sense of worth or ownership over the item in their hands. It allows the customer to form a bond with the piece they are holding and if you send the product in boxes that are of a cheaper build, then by proxy, your product is perceived as being cheap as well.


Hearing an item inside of a nice, thick, cardboard box is probably one of the best sounds a person can hear and it will transport the recipient back to their childhood. This sensation will make them form a strong bond with the object inside the box and raise the excitement of opening the box itself.


All of this comes from the type of box you use to ship your products. Start off on the right foot, use e-Supply Store to ship your products today!