Depending on the type of package you are shipping, you need to choose the right tape to make sure it is secured. Shipping, whether is be through the postal service or private carrier, can be tough on any package so it needs to be closed with the correct tape to ensure a safe delivery.

There are many types of packing tapes including clear packing, filament strapping and tensilized strapping tapes. Each is best for specific types of packing jobs. There is also a tape specifically for label protection on any shipment.

Clear Packing Tape

This type of tape works best with small packages or boxes, such as DVD or CD mailers and gift boxes or boxes with lighter weight items. However, depending on the strength and dimensions of this tape, it also works well with packing and sealing larger, heavier boxes.

Filament Strapping Tape

When needing to secure heavy boxes and packages, the filament within this tape gives it more strength to assure that you delivery arrives in perfect condition. Shipping items such as tools or small machinery would be served well by using this type of tape.

Tensilized Strapping Tape

On a larger shipping order where many boxes needed securing on palettes, for example, for delivery, this tape is a perfect. When wrapped around a group of stacked boxes at each level, the shipment will be secure and ready for truck or plane loading and shipping. This packing tape comes in different sizes and strengths so there are tapes for any size shipment.

Label Protection Tape

Protect your labels on boxes or packages with this tape. Mostly in 5" widths to cover most shipping labels. It will securely attach any label to packages. These are most commonly used for envelope mailers and small to medium boxes. However, this tape is great for securing labels to any shipment.