There are a million different ways that a company can fail, from poorly executed product design to a lack of research into their target market. When you look at the companies out there that create long-term success, you'll find that the one thing they all have in common is that they had all of the details planned out, so they were prepared for any eventualities and had a concrete diagram for how to generate profit.

Planning ahead is a critical aspect of shipping and receiving. By making sure you have a solid stock of all of the shipping supplies you will need, from boxes and bubble mailers to the basics like tape and labels, you will position yourself better to avoid any interruptions in the distribution of your product. This will keep your customers happy, and happy customers are not only the most likely to turn into repeat customers, but they are the only ones who will take your marketing into their own hands by referring your company's product to friends and family members.

The most important reason to plan ahead on your shipping supplies is the cost factor. By buying larger quantities in advance, you reduce the per-unit cost of the shipping materials, which allows you to focus your spending on other areas to improve the overall health of your business. Planning ahead isn't always the easiest task, but if the long-term profitability of your company is important to you, it just might be the most critical decision you make.