The best way to ensure your packages arrive safely to their destination is by selecting the right mailer for shipping your important documents. You can choose from options such as poly courier mailers, bubble mailers or rigid stay-flat mailers to help you keep your documents in top condition through the courier service.

If you are mailing material that is extremely confidential, using Tyvek envelopes is one of the best ways to maintain confidentiality. Tyvek is a high-density synthetic material that provides strength, privacy and a secure seal.

For documents that contain multiple forms of media such as DVDs or pamphlets, consider using heavy-padded mailers. These offer added protection against the wear and tear that could damage your sensitive media package in the mail.

Another important consideration in selecting the right mailer for your shipping needs is the size of the packages that you are mailing. If you are mailing maps, plans or artwork, for example, a tube mailer may be your best option. These give you a hard layer of protection and keep the documents from arriving to their destination with folding creases. Most tube mailers are cardboard and recyclable for easy disposal.

Cost is always a factor when considering the type of mailers that you want to use. It may be to your advantage to consider purchasing mailers in bulk. This option could add up to a significant savings on your purchase and provide you with a go-to stock of quality shipping materials.

Regardless of the contents, choose packages that leave enough room for shifting in order to avoid broken or busted packaging along the route. Selecting the right packaging for your mailers can save you time and money in the long run. Correct packaging that considers the fragility, size and shape of the contents greatly increases the likelihood of your mail arriving safely to its destination.