Hey, we know that when it comes to shipping items, Amazon is the king of the hill with its world-leading e-commerce platform. It e-commerce marketplace is so wildly popular that it is the place to be if you have wares to sell. And the catalog of items is nearly infinite - and we mean, there just might be nothing out there that you can think of that can't or has not been sold on Amazon.

Maybe we're not saying that anyone has actually bought some items on Amazon, but the number of items sold boggles the mind. There are so many items, that there are some that you may not even imagine even could be sold.

We'll give you some examples here. This is just a small list of some of the strangest items ever to be offered for sale on Amazon. No, we don't provide actual sales numbers, but when you think about your various shipping needs, consider how you might package and ship these items:

An infant circumcision trainer, listed for $210. (No, we really are not making these things up.)

Canned unicorn meat. This is what it says - but really it's a fake tin with a removable bottom. But it's funny, no?

Fake poop stress ball. Yes, it's fake, but realistic-looking. Not sure how seeing this in the middle of a floro or under your office chair actually relieves stress. Thoughts?

Runny nose shower gel dispenser. If you like silly novelty gifts ad think your shower gel reminds you of your last head cold, then set up this bad boy in your shower!

Bag of bones. Need to pass that anatomy or human physiology exam? This will help you. Can also be a great Halloween decoration! Live ladybugs. This is not just a few of them to have as pets' this is a plastic container of 1,500 of them! Dinner for some larger pet, perhaps?

Gangsta Rap coloring book. We. Have. No. Words.

"Deer rear" bottle opener. See the raised eyebrow?