All film is not created equal, and if you need to ship pallets of your product to retail locations or distribution centers, using the right film can go a long way toward preventing breakage or container damage, as well as maintaining the integrity of the load. If you are relatively new to the shipping and receiving end of your business. this post will likely provide you with some useful reference material to help you determine which stretch film will afford you the best protection for your merchandise.

General Information
A few basics to get you started. First, when you see a film referenced by its "gauge," it is referring to the thickness of the material. The higher the gauge, the thicker the material, and the more weight it is rated to hold. Second, unless you are using an industrial wrapping machine, you'll be applying film to your pallets by hand, and you'll have the option of using a stretch film dispenser, or using an extended core film roll, where the core extends 5" beyond the width of the film on both side, allowing you to grip the roll with both hands during the application process.

Specialty Stretch Film
There are certain types of film that are ideally suited for specific industries. If you are shipping circuit boards, computer components or other electronics, you'll want to use an anti-static stretch film to prevent any static discharge from damaging the contents of your containers. If you are shipping food products or other materials that can be damaged by humidity or other condensation, use stretch netting to prevent moisture build-up and maintain an even temperature throughout your pallet. If you are using a wrapping machine, you'll want to check out the Intertape Genesys stretch film, as the state-of-the-art light gauge material provides extreme stretchability and can use up to 30% less material than standard stretch film styles.

You'll also note that there are a wide range of colored stretch films, which are handy when you want to keep pallets of different product types organized in your warehouse area, but if the pallet will need to be scanned or have labels easily accessed, use the traditional clear stretch film variety. Also, if you have fragile containers that require special care in loading or storing, there are printed film rolls by Goodwrappers that have messages like "DO NOT TOP LOAD," "DO NOT DOUBLE STACK" and other clear warnings boldly printed across the film.