When you need to have some of your personal belongings shipped to another location, it is essential to ensure that they are safely packaged in high quality corrugated boxes. Here are a few tips and pointers to help you achieve cost effective packaging.

Corrugated Boxes

When you are using corrugated boxes to package items, make sure to use fresh boxes if you plan to have them shipped. It would also be a good idea to use boxes with an outer layer of coating that will make them resistant to moisture. Corrugated boxes are ideal for packaging because they are lightweight and sturdy. With metallic containers and other storage alternatives, you end up spending a lot more money on shipment charges since they can be extremely heavy.

Use of Space

While packing, it is absolutely essential to use space properly. Never overfill as this could lead to increased pressure resulting in damage, which cause the box to rip at the sides. The products kept inside are also less secure since they are pressed against each other. This could cause breakages in case, the boxes aren’t handled roughly.

At the same time, it is also important that you do not under fill the box. The combination of items placed in the box needs to be just right. With very few items, there is a possibility that they may get tossed about each time the box is being handled. When you have very few items to carry, ensure that they are properly packaged and it might also be a good idea to give them an extra layer of wrapping.

2 Inch Rule

While packing, it would be recommended to use at least 2 inch of wrapping material for each product in the box. You should also surround the inner walls of the box with up to 2 inch of wrapping material to keep the products in place. This will ensure that the items remain well protected even if the box gets damaged during transport.


You need to seal the box with a pressure sensitive tape. Make it a point to secure both ends of the box to keep the products inside safe. Refrain from using duct, cellophane or masking tapes to seal the boxes.


You can track the progress of your parcel online by feeding in the tracker number on the company site. This way, you can ensure that package is being shipped on time and is headed towards the right destination.