Shipping cold or frozen items can be a challenging process to successfully complete. Transferring your package from one location to the next and ensuring that it does not thaw out or spoil is a key part of the process. Use the following tips to ship a package and ensure that it gets to its destination in the condition that you intend. For a complete selection of packaging materials to better help you achieve this, browse all of the packaging products that we offer.

Ship Early

Make sure to send a package out early in the week. If you wait until Thursday or Friday to ship it, there is a chance that your shipment will get delayed along the way.

Use Adequate Containers

For the best results, make sure to use airtight containers. Plastic zip-lock bags work best, but any type of durable plastic container will do the job. Pack your cold or frozen food in one of these containers before placing it in the shipping box.

Use a Cooler

Pack the containers into a larger insulated foam cooler. You can place freezer packs or dry ice in the cooler to keep the food cold for up to several days. Be sure not to let the dry ice come into direct contact with the food.

Secure the Contents

Another tip for providing extra protection and additional insulation is to pack the top of the cooler with corrugated cardboard before closing the lid. This provides a durable extra layer to secure the contents of the package. Once all of this is complete, place the cooler into a larger cardboard shipping container. Fill any open spaces with packing peanuts to prevent the cooler from shifting or moving during the shipping process.

There are fewer things that are better than receiving a home cooked meal or dish in the mail from a loved one. People are often apprehensive about shipping packages that need to be kept cold. With these tips, you can be confident that your package will arrive at its destination in good condition. Visit our online store for a selection on all of the materials that you may need.