Corrugated boxes are made from corrugated paper derived from the fibrous pulp extracts of birch trees. They are usually available in the forms of liner board boxes or fluted paper boards. The flute design spacing between layers, facilitates a cushioning effect for any items that are placed in the box. Corrugated boxes are commonly used in the packaging industry. Here are some reasons why they provide customers with great packaging solutions.


Corrugated boxes can be used to fit a wide variety of products. You can manufacture the boxes based on specific size dimensions that are required to securely pack your product. This way, you can even line the box with additional linerboards on the inside to provide the necessary protection.


Being made from paper, these boxes are easily affordable and are an economically viable option. The boxes are produced at a fraction of cost when compared to other shipping containers and can also be recycled. Another benefit is that these boxes are light and people can carry the packaged items simply by hand. When you are exporting in bulk, the use of corrugated boxes will also help you reduce your shipping costs considerably.

Adequate Protection

These boxes are a lot stronger than they appear and can be made to withstand tough conditions. The flute design also prevents the entry of moisture into the box. This will help to protect items that need to be preserved in their natural dry state. A lot of companies also coat corrugated boxes with fire resistant chemicals to provide the extra bit of protection.

Easy to Store

Unlike other packaging containers, corrugated boxes are simple to use and store. The boxes can be folded and piled together to make space for other items in the office. When you need the boxes, you can re-use them by just gluing them with tape and staples. They also have a better shelf life when compared to many other alternatives. If you refrain from using dyes and other chemicals, these boxes are even 100 per cent recyclable and completely eco-friendly as well.